Metal roofing provides some of the most durable and long-lasting roofing available, which is why it’s easy to see how steel has become the fastest growing roofing material available on the market today. That’s why our team at Perfect Exteriors in Minnesota is proud to partner with EDCO to provide some of the best steel roofing available today.

With its enduring protection and lasting charm, steel roofing from EDCO is available in several colors and styles to fit the look of any home. EDCO offers award-winning quality and innovation that can withstand just about any weather.

There’s never been a better time than now to install a beautiful metal roof your family will be able to count on for many years to come. Contact our professional metal roofing contractors to learn about our many style options available.

How EDCO Roofing Stands Out Above the Competition

EDCO consistently manufactures beautiful, lasting roofs you can depend on. Here’s why we love partnering with EDCO:

Reliable Warranties

EDCO has one of the best warranties around. They believe it’s important to take care of their customers in every possible way, and they stand by their products completely. They’re the only manufacturer that protects their products with a warranty that covers not only their product but also the labor needed to cover any repairs.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

EDCO believes in the importance of leaving a lasting legacy for the generations to follow, which is why almost all of their products are completely recyclable, reducing your home’s carbon footprint when you install an EDCO roof.

You’ll also see lower energy costs with an EDCO roof, which means you’ll be doing good for the environment as long as you have an EDCO roof.

Industry-Leading Innovation

EDCO is designed and manufactured with a strong commitment to innovation, which makes it one of the best available roofing products. They’ve been introducing innovative roofing technology for more than seven decades and have been recognized for their innovations across several trade associations.

Top-Quality Metal Roofing Installers

Our metal roofing installers take pride in installing a quality metal roof that will protect your family for decades into the future. We can work with you to see the project from start to finish and then back up all of our work with powerful warranties.

If you’re ready to check out our beautiful EDCO roofing options, give us a call at 763.271.8700, or contact us for a free estimate.