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Window Company Brooklyn Park MN Do you need help from a leading window company? Brooklyn Park, MN residents turn to the team at Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota for all of their home window installations and repairs.

When choosing a window, there are lots of different features to consider. So today, we’ll explore what to look for as you shop for windows.

Firstly, there’s the glass. It’s best to opt for low-e glass, which prevents the passage of UV rays. A double-paned window has two panes, with a small void between the windows to serve as an insulator. Often, this void is injected with a gas to improve insulation.

The frame material is another important consideration. Window frames come in lots of different materials, ranging from vinyl to wood. The most energy efficient windows have an insulated frame.

The ease of cleaning is another important consideration. Many windows tilt in to allow for easy cleaning, while others will require cleaning from the exterior.

Homeowners should also consider whether the windows come with locks, as this is an important element of home security.

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As a leading Minnesota window company, Brooklyn Park, MN residents turn to the team at Perfect Exteriors! We guarantee our workmanship and your windows also carry a manufacturer’s guarantee for complete peace of mind! We’re fully licensed and insured too.

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