Five Reasons Your Gutters are Overflowing

Picture of overflowing gutters.

While a quality gutter installation is certainly worthwhile, sometimes installation is only half the battle. Your home encounters a lot of seasonal wear and tear, and your gutters are responsible for keeping it moisture-free.

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t rare to see a household’s gutters sustain damage over time because they take the brunt of the damage over time. If your gutters weren’t there, your siding would be susceptible to leaks, mold, and mildew. Still, sometimes gutters overflow. Generally, the cause for overflowing gutters, and a simple gutter inspection can solve plenty of time and money.

At other times, however, overflowing gutters might indicate the need for gutter replacement. So, how do you tell the severity of your leaky gutter problem? Here at Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, we feel a little prevention goes a long way. Let’s take a look at the most common causes for overflowing gutters. That way, you’ll know whether your gutter installation needs professional.

Reason One: Not Enough Gutter Segments

That’s right; it’s possible to have too few gutter lengths installed on your house. If your home doesn’t have enough gutter support, rainwater will become a problem for the gutters that are there. Then, your gutters and downspouts alike can suffer from excessive rainwater. Fortunately, some extra gutters can fix this problem, as opposed to an immediate repair.

Reason Two: Clogged Gutters

Twigs, leaves, trash, and even shingle debris can pose a problem for your gutters. They often find their way into a home’s gutter system, and clogged debris is the number one cause of overflowing gutters. Fortunately, a simple clean-up job is enough to remedy the problem.

Reason Three: The Wrong Size was Installed

How’s your gutter installation looking? More importantly, how’s it faring against seasonal freezes and intermittent downpours? Sometimes, homeowners simply install gutters that are too small. When this happens, they simply can’t cope with rainwater, let alone any debris.

Reason Four: Incorrect Positioning

It’s possible your gutters are overflowing simply because they’re tilted away from your house. If they are, they’ll collect rainwater due to an unleveled lip pressed against the side of your house. The pitch of your gutters, heading toward their downspouts, can also cause problems if they’re at too steep of an incline.

Reason Five: A Clogged Downspout

The bottom of your gutter system is as important as its top. Similar to clogged gutters, clogged downspouts wreak havoc on a home’s siding. Rainwater needs to be released from the gutter system, and debris in the downspout can cause water buildup all the way to your gutter’s brim.

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