Your Exterior Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Provided we’ve gotten through the still-snowy part of March—you just never know the weather’s temperament up here—you’ve most likely started spring cleaning by now. While the general picture of that entails a thorough indoor cleaning, it’s the perfect time to get outside and scrub up your exterior a bit to make your home shine both inside and out!

If adding an entirely new area of your home onto your cleaning schedule stresses you out, don’t fret; Perfect Exteriors is here to help. Below, we’ve broken down your home exterior into a few key areas that deserve attention, as well as describe exactly how to tidy them up.

Your Roof

You may try to avoid going near your roofline—and generally, you should, especially if you’ve got storm damage—but now and again, some roofs do appreciate a good washing. We’ve actually written an entire exterior contractor blog on the subject! For now, though, know that there’s a rhyme and a reason to the technique, and attempting it if you’re unsure can actually damage your roof, so take care and call your roofers if you have questions.

It’s also a great time to walk around your home’s exterior and check for lingering signs of storm damage. Even if you don’t see any, it’s also a great idea to put in a call to your roofing contractor for a checkup, as preventative maintenance is key to a healthy home.

The Sides of Your Home

Gutters, siding, and windows can all use a little TLC in the springtime. While cleaning techniques for each facet can vary, you should usually stay away from your power washer to carry anything out. Using it can push water up underneath your siding, for instance, and it can get pretty destructive when set to the wrong PSI.

Pay special attention to your gutters. They’re an essential part of your home’s moisture management system, and they deserve to be cleaned at least twice a year.

Your Yard

Getting your grass into a springtime groove is one thing, but don’t forget your woodsier plants and trees! When not trimmed back to a suitable length, they can scrape your siding and roof, causing damage. Plus, the longer your tree limbs, the easier it is for pests to use them to gain access to your home.

And if you’re worried about pruning doing damage to your plants, don’t be. When done correctly, there are no poor effects—in fact, according to research performed by teams at the University of York and the University of Calgary, pruning can actually help plants to grow!

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