4 Questions to Ask Your Roofer During Your First Roof Replacement

Searching for a local roofing contractor for your first roof replacement involves asking the important questions. Doing so helps you make a better, more informed decision on which contractor is suitable to perform this home improvement job.

4 Questions to Ask Your Roofer During Your First Roof Replacement

Here are five questions to ask your roofer on your first roof replacement:

1. “How Long Have You Been Providing Roofing Services?”

A homeowner in need of a new roof wants to work with a roofing company that has repaired and installed roofing systems for a considerable number of years. You know you have an expert roofer ready to replace your roof if the contractor already has at least 10 years’ experience in the roofing business.

2. “Do You Have a License?”

Labor agencies in many states require roofers to carry licenses. In Minnesota, for example, certain contractors are licensed by the state’s Department of Labor and Industry if they demonstrate the necessary knowledge and commitment to the building codes. You can ask for a copy of a potential roofer’s license to make sure that it is up to date.  Roofers in Minnesota are required to be licensed with the state.

3. “Are You Insured?”

Asking this question helps you learn whether or not you will be incurring unnecessary costs if accidents happen during the roof replacement. Your roofer should have workers’ compensation that will cover employees if they get injured on the job. They should also have general liability insurance that covers you if there is damage done on your property during the project.

4. “Will You Be Removing My Old Roof?”

Make sure to ask this question before hiring a roofer. You don’t want to work with one that cuts corners by placing shingles over your old roof. Failure to inspect the roof for problems will lead you to spend more on repairs. An experienced contractor takes down your current roof to determine specific areas of your roofing system that need attention.

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