A Comparison of Metal and Asphalt Shingles

Finding the right roofing material can be tricky. It must be a long-lasting investment that keeps you safe. It should also be the right fit for your environment, handling both the weather and the sunlight. That’s why our roofing services recommend choosing between metal and asphalt. Both offer several advantages to your home not found in others. At the same time, they differ in ways that may surprise you. Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota explains further:

Asphalt Shingles

What Makes Them Similar

When you look at both asphalt and metal roofing, you might be surprised by how similar they are. Both asphalt and metal roofs have been used for residential homes. They offer several benefits that make them ideal for any building.

For example, both metal and asphalt are known to have strong resistances. They can both withstand strong winds and fire, and they are also resistant to rot and insects. Both materials are also known and regarded for being energy-efficient choices. Lastly, both asphalt and metal are affordable to install.

What Sets Them Apart

While both metal and asphalt roofs offer the same advantages, they differ in other aspects that might affect their price and performance.

Metal roofs are installed in long sheets, which means they use less materials overall. Meanwhile, asphalt shingles are installed piece by piece. They are easier to install than other traditional 3-tab shingle materials.

Metal is known for being more durable and lasting longer. Asphalt has more design options and can withstand rain without the use of water-resistant coating.

Metal can be an ideal fit for homes with contemporary designs although you can modify it to fit other styles. Asphalt is known to fit several looks and finishes, making it ideal for homes with defined architectural styles like Colonial or Renaissance.

Making the Choice

Metal and asphalt may be similar, but they both need a reliable contractor to install them. Our experts at Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota offer both types and in different styles to fit your home.

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