How to Get More Comfortable With Your First Roof Replacement

Picture of exterior contractor replacing a roof.

It’s your first time hiring a roofing contractor for a complete overhaul. We get it if you’re a little nervous! Your current roof, as potentially dilapidated as it could be, has probably seen you through a lot, and perhaps you feel strangely sentimental towards it. Plus, it’s probably been a huge part of your home’s style statement for years. You may also be a little anxious to see how a new one might look.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Perfect Exteriors. As a Monticello roofing company, we’ve helped many families just like yours find the perfect roof for their needs, and we complete a seamless installation to boot. Below, we present a few tips on how to become a little more at ease with the idea of roof replacement.

The Bottom Line: Talk to Your Roofers

Indeed, it’s the number-one thing you can do to become more comfortable with a new roof. Whether your professional is a general exterior contractor or a provider of more specialized roofing services, understanding both their company and their work process can reassure you that they’re competent and that you’re making the right decision in enlisting their help.

Some conversations you might have with your roofer are situation-specific, but the following icebreakers are applicable to nearly any roofing process:

  • Learn if the contractor is certified. What certification your home exterior contractor may need to possess is, again, situation-specific. For example, if you’re working with a roofer who provides asphalt roofing services, they may not per se need specific training in another roofing type—though if they do it’s a good sign, as it demonstrates passion for learning about the craft.
  •  Ask about the company’s history. The longer a company has been in business, the better likelihood they can provide quality work. After all, shoddy roofing in no way makes a prosperous business—in fact, it leaves destruction in its wake!
  • Be forthright with what you’re expecting with your old roof. Some exterior home contractors won’t remove your old roof, so if its fate is hanging over your head, come right out and ask about it. It’s not a dumb question, and getting any sort of answer will save you major stress either now or in the future.

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