Testimonials: What They Really Tell You About Contractors

A 2017 survey shows that 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and 85% trust them as much as personal recommendations. If you believe in word-of-mouth endorsements, testimonials can help you separate the good roofing contractors from the bad.

Tell You About Contractors

Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota shares how reviews and testimonials can help as you exercise due diligence:

Invalidating False Claims

Any roofing company would put their best foot forward. However, it’s wise to investigate whether your prospective contractor is telling you the truth or just trying to get you to sign. Reading testimonials is an effective way to get a preview of the home improvement experience a certain company is able to provide. If a roofer doesn’t deliver as they promise, you can easily find some client comments about it.

Don’t forget, however, that it’s impossible to please everyone. Some people are simply harder to impress than others. But, when you read more negative than positive reviews about the company, it may be a sign that you should question its reputation.

Warning About Fraud

Some testimonials caution against sketchy practices. Although the roofing industry mostly consists of licensed, insured and certified contractors, some are out to cheat you in some way. You can find information about common scams, though, such as unreasonable down payments and refusal to get the necessary permit. Do your research, and be a smarter consumer.

Showing How Disputes Are Resolved

No contractor is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but reliable ones go the extra mile to iron out misunderstandings. Online reviews can help you distinguish companies that observe good dispute resolution.

As a reputable roofing contractor, Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota takes pride in having received positive reviews from our valued customers since we started the business in 2002. We give homeowners the freedom to leave online comments and feedback on our work. You can also find reviews in our Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and GAF® profiles to learn what our previous customers say about us.

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