Three Hot 2021 Roofing Trends

Nothing’s wrong with wanting a trendy house! If you’re looking for an exterior contractor to liven up and make modern your abode, more power to you. You’ll be the envy of the whole neighborhood, and you’ll get to enjoy your leisure time in a space which you’ve invested in and truly enjoy.

One of the biggest ways to give your home’s exterior a facelift, so to speak, is with your roofing. Aside from your siding, it’s the first thing that the passerby see about your home, and the first thing that thus lends it its style. Check out our recs for the top roofing trends of 2021 below!

Go Bold or Go Home

No, we’re not saying that you have to order your new asphalt roofing in bright red—but there’s certainly something to be said about the pizazz a contrasting roof will add to your home! While traditional styles emphasize harmony and blend, 2021 is bringing on the glamor with roofing that stands in stark divergence from the siding below. Think dark roofs with light-colored houses, for example.

Don’t Sideline Asphalt

Sure, asphalt roofing installers have been in high demand for quite a while now; it’s no secret that asphalt is one of the most coveted roofing choices thanks to its affordability and versatile charm. It continues to be a popular choice in 2021, and we don’t predict its fame to be burning out anytime soon!

The awesome thing about asphalt is that roofing companies are making it in practically every color of the rainbow, plus a variety of styles and shapes. This means that no matter what trend you choose to embrace with it, you’ll still retain a comfortable amount of familiarity in your home’s exterior.

Going Green Is Always in Vogue

Think about it: when has saving the environment not been trendy? 2021 is no exception, and homeowners everywhere are seeking out sustainable solutions for their homes’ exteriors. 

When it comes to roofing choices that help your home save energy, take a peek at metal roofing. Because they’re designed to reflect the sun’s heat, they keep your house cooler in the summer months! Plus, since they’re supremely durable and can’t be felled by insects or mold, you won’t need to replace it for decades, which thus decreases the amount of resources used and the impact on the planet.

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