Roof Flashing: What It Is and Why It’s Important?

Roof Flashing: What It Is and Why It’s Important?

Roof flashing is one of the most essential parts of a roof. Without it, you could get water damage or deteriorate your roof. 

At Perfect Exteriors, our team has the experience you want in a roofing contractor, and we will make sure your roof flashing is correctly installed so you will not face these problems.

This article has everything you need to know about roof flashing, including what it is, what materials it is made from, and how roof flashing is used. There are also details on what could happen if you do not have flashing on your roof and how we can help with roof flashing repair.

What Is Roof Flashing?

If you are getting a new roof or just looking into how your current roof works, you will notice that roof flashing is an important part of your roof. But what is roof flashing?

It is a metal that will seal any space where water or air could get into your roof, like cracks or other openings. The roof flashing purpose is to keep water from getting into your roof, which could cause damage. Here are some of the areas on a roof where you will see flashing used:

  • Chimneys
  • Valleys
  • Vents and vent pipes
  • Skylights

These are the most common areas on a roof where flashing is needed to prevent water from seeping in or building up on the roof. But each roof and home is unique, and you might have other areas where you need roof flashing. 

In areas like chimneys, skylights, and vents, the roof flashing will prevent water from going into your home. If water is constantly coming into your home from these areas, not only will your roof be damaged, but it could also cause other problems inside your home. 

On the other hand, roof flashing in the valleys of your roof will keep water from building up in these areas. If water builds up and sits long enough, it could cause water damage to these areas, which will need to be repaired or replaced and could be costly. Instead, the flashing makes sure the water goes off the roof. 

At Perfect Exteriors, we can help you find and install all the roof flashing you need to keep your home safe and your roof lasting for years to come.

What Materials Is Roof Flashing Made From?

There are a few different materials that are commonly used for roof flashing purposes. The material used for roof flashing usually depends on the type of roof you are getting and what component you need the flashing for. Here are the common materials used for roof flashing:

  • Pre-finished aluminum
  • Pre-finished steel
  • Copper

Once you choose a material for your roof flashing, you should use it for all the flashing on your roof, if possible. No matter what type of roof you want, we will ensure that the right materials are used for the flashing on the roof. And we will ensure the flashing blends in and flows with the style you want for your home and roof.

How Is Roof Flashing Used?

Roof flashing is made from metal, and when it is installed correctly, it keeps water from getting into the roof. It directs the water away from these areas. 

Most often, roof flashing is installed under the shingle and on top of the underlayment of your roof. If you choose to get an asphalt or cedar shake roof, this is how the roof flashing will likely be installed. 

On the other hand, the flashing for metal roofing is typically installed over the roof’s panels. Even though roof flashing is made of metal, and so is the roof, you still need it if you have a metal roof. The metal used for the roof is not designed to keep water away from vulnerable areas. You will need flashing, too, as its sole purpose is to keep water away from your vents, chimneys, and other similar aspects of your roof.

However, flashing lasts a long time. If you are contacting us about a completely new roof, it may not be necessary to completely replace your roof flashing. Our team is trained and knowledgeable about roof flashing repair and will be able to tell if and when you need to replace your roof, your roof flashing, or both.

Why Do I Need Roof Flashing?

If you do not have roof flashing, you can face some major issues with your roof that could even affect your home if they are not handled properly and quickly. 

Since roof flashing is made to keep the roof from letting in water, without it, your roof could see issues with water damage. And if this damage goes unnoticed or unfixed for too long, it could damage other parts of your home. 

Or, the roofing around certain weaker spots on your roof, like the chimney and vents, could deteriorate sooner than expected. If this happens to you, you might have to replace your roof or spend a lot of money unexpectedly to repair it. 

With the alternatives being water damage and a deteriorating roof, you can see why roof flashing is important.

Do not worry about how flashing will affect the look of your roof. It is such a common thing to have on a roof, and even mandatory, that it is easy to cover up the flashing so it is not noticeable or blends in with the style of the roof. 

Get Advice From the Experts

Get Advice From the Experts

Since roof flashing is so important, you need to check on it, usually annually, to ensure it is holding up and not rusting or otherwise damaged. If it is, we can help you repair or replace it. 

Contact us today for a free estimate on a new roof. We have years of experience, so you know that we will install the roof, flashing, and everything else properly, so you do not have to worry about any of these issues.