3 Siding Accents That Make Your Home Shine

Siding is, by far, one of the flashiest updates you can make to any exterior. There’s nothing to refresh your home’s look like a complete color or material change, after all!

As show-stopping as new siding is, don’t forget the details. Like the fondant on top of a beautiful cake, siding accessories add just the right amount of flair to compliment the original gorgeous picture and further lend it a unique style.

Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello exterior contractors, is here with just a few siding accents that could be the final touch your upcoming renovation needs to shine.

Fantastic Fascia

Though it’s also considered an accent for roofing, fascia interacts just as much with your gutters to create your home’s final look. It’s the strip of material that lines your roof like a seam, where your gutters affix. All homes have them, but not all have them in standout shades that compliment your siding!

White fascia is always a flashy choice, and it adds a prim and proper air to any exterior. You may also choose to have the same, or very similar, shade as your siding so as to let other exterior accents take centerstage.

Top It Off With Trim

Trim is the stuff that covers your home’s corners and accentuates its lines. Like fascia, all homes have it, but it doesn’t always stand out. The right trim, though, can make your home a downright showstopper, as it’s right up against your siding and thus a big point of visual interest.

Like fascia, white trim is a classic and preppy choice—one that’s hard to find aesthetic fault in. However, wood-look options are also popular in today’s market thanks to rising lumber costs and wood’s inherently high maintenance needs. Thanks to wood’s coveted looks, though, any trim that remotely resembles it is a stately choice to set off your siding.

Mixed Materials Are Marvelous

One of the best accents for siding? Take it from a siding company: a different kind of siding!

Mixing shakes with planks or vertical with horizontal styles can make your siding a venerable visual centerpiece for your exterior design. Just be sure that other facets are “polite” enough—read: muted enough—to allow for such business, or your home might wind up with too many parts all vying for attention.

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