3 Vinyl Siding Care Tips

Picture of power washing siding.

Vinyl siding is as popular as it is for good reason—many good reasons. It’s gorgeous, bright, long-lasting, affordable, and most of all low-maintenance!

That being said, just like any other part of your home, it does appreciate a little TLC now and again. Learn more about how to take care of your vinyl siding below, courtesy of Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello pro vinyl siding contractors.

Tip 1: Leave It Alone (Selectively)

Okay, it’s a bit unusual to start a how-to-care-for list with this, but hear us out: vinyl siding is low-maintenance. It doesn’t need the fussiness or constant upkeep that’s required in wood siding caretakers—in fact, doing too much to the siding can actually be detrimental, or at the very least unnecessary.

We’re not telling you to forget about your vinyl siding, or to ignore an obvious problem, but resist the urge to

  • Paint; it can void the siding’s warranty
  • Pressure-wash it with ridiculously high PSI; it can crack the siding
  • Clean it with harsh and expensive detergents; you can easily make your siding sparkle without them

Tip 2: Wash It Yearly

It’s not a hard job to do at least once a year. You just need a garden hose or pressure washer, a bristle brush, and mild soap. Your siding contractor can recommend some brands or at-home concoctions. Simply suds it up, scrub it up, and rinse!

Start low and work your way up, and watch your runoff so it doesn’t go into your garden or landscaping—or worse, your neighbor’s. If you’re using a pressure washer, you’ll need to take special care and hold it perpendicular to your home at all times; this stops water from getting up underneath your siding.

Tip 3: Mind Your Landscaping

Trees and shrubs are harmless to your siding when the weather is calm, but their jagged branches can do quite a number when high wind speed and stormy weather enter the picture.

We thus recommend you trim your trees and your low-growing, woodsy shrubs so that they are a safe distance away from your home. If you can pull a branch back as if it were in a strong wind and it brushes your siding, that’s too close!

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