Three Popular Steel Siding Colors for Your 2021 Renovation

Picture of different colored siding panels.

Aside from being both tough-as-nails and long-lasting, steel siding is quite the stunner no matter which way you slice it! It’s available in a variety of finishes and colors to suit every style, so there’s no doubt metal siding brings something just your taste to the table. However, all those options do sometimes make it hard to choose, so Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello siding company, is here to highlight a few of our favorites.

Now’s the Time to Go Gray

Gray isn’t just trending as a hair color these days—it’s also ever-popular in siding! Siding contractors everywhere have recommended this color time and time again, and for plenty of good reasons.

  • It’s versatile, meaning it looks amazing on nearly any home
  • It’s classy, meaning it appeals to a wide variety of people
  • It’s easy on the eyes, meaning that it’s a cinch to work into a variety of exterior decorating styles

Take it from a metal siding company and exterior contractor: all of these attributes combined with metal siding’s natural durability and longevity makes the combination a solid choice for nearly any homeowner for 2021 and beyond.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Blue

Want to stand out from the crowd? Blue metal siding is one of your best bets. Few homeowners have the courage to stray from the classical beiges and browns of the siding world, so a bright blue house amidst a sea of neutrals certainly makes for an eye-catching exterior. If you’re looking both to make a long-lasting investment and take stylistic risks in 2021—and reap the payoffs of both—consider blue metal siding.

Grow a Home to Be Proud of With Green

Green is the color of plant life and growth, and with an exterior to reflect all the good things that nature brings, your home is sure to be a community standout.

If going with a supersaturated tone feels a little too adventurous don’t fret; EDCO siding, a Perfect Exteriors partner, has a variety of shades available, so even if you’re taking a step outside of your comfort zone as far as looks are concerned, you’ll still have a home you’ll be glad to own in 2021 and afterwards. With metal siding’s stable and sturdy nature, it’s practically a guarantee!

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