Three Reasons to Choose Steel Siding

Picture of steel siding.

Metal has a reputation of being cold, industrial, and aloof-looking—but this is miles from the case when it comes to modern-day steel siding. In fact, take it from the exterior contractors at Perfect Exteriors: you’d be hard-pressed to find a better catch. This magnificent marvel is tough, gorgeous, and practically maintenance-free. It’s making its way onto the sides of American homes everywhere.

But, as Monticello’s top-notch home exterior contractors, all of our products are high-quality. Indeed, just because steel siding is strong, pretty, and no-fuss doesn’t mean any of our other siding types aren’t! So why should you choose steel siding?

Steel Siding Lends Homes a Sleek Appearance

Though there are plenty of kinds of steel siding out there as far as shapes are concerned, it stands out in that it tends to look sleeker and more refined than other siding types. If this is a benefit is up to you, there’s certainly something to be said for the multi-boarded, traditional look! However, for the homeowner who is looking for something classy and refined yet that still has a strong presence and statement-making ability, take it from a metal siding contractor: steel siding is the perfect choice.

No Cracking, No Rot, No Insect Damage—And Fire Resistant to Boot

There’s nothing tougher than metal. When you invest in the help of steel siding companies, you’ll spare no expense when it comes to the siding that protects your home. Steel siding is practically impervious to cracking, it doesn’t deal with rot as pure wood siding does, and insects, of course, don’t find it very appetizing. As a bonus, it’s resistant to fire damage. Could you ask any more out of a siding as far as durability is concerned?

Maintenance is as Easy as can Be

Because of steel siding’s toughness, it renders itself super easy to take care of. We dare say that it’s less maintenance than the family dog! While periodic scrubbing with a cleaning solution will prolong the life of your metal siding, that’s generally all the maintenance it requires—unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as horrible weather with high winds and hail. Indeed, steel siding isn’t fussy, but be sure to remove all detergent from it before you walk away, as leaving such compounds on can damage your steel siding’s paint.

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