Three Reasons to Love EDCO Siding

Picture of Facade of house with brick wall gray siding bay window and landscaped yard.

Sometimes, a product’s brand doesn’t matter all that much. For example, that generic peanut butter from the grocery store just tastes better with jelly, even though the packaging of the more well-known kinds is prettier.

But your siding isn’t as inconsequential as a PB&J! And when it comes to your home’s protection, you can’t afford to compromise.

Brand matters here – it represents a promise of quality. Take it from an exterior contractor: EDCO siding is a company you can trust!

EDCO Brings More Than the Strength of Metal Siding

The phrase “tough as nails” became a cliche for a reason! Nails are, of course, made of metal, and metal is strong; thus, metal siding has unparalleled physical durability.

Indeed, EDCO siding stands stalwart against hailstorms and wayward tree branches, leaving your family well-protected. It’s almost like a full suit of armor for your home!

Adding to this durability, EDCO siding is always working to innovate, bringing to the market products that are tougher than ever. Metal siding is strong on its own, but if you’re looking for the pinnacle of performance, only EDCO can provide.

EDCO’s Looks Are Versatile

Many people have a single, fixed idea of what metal siding companies’ products look like: flat, grey, and dull. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

EDCO siding comes in a variety of looks, from those that mimic traditional wood siding to the understated silhouette created by vinyl siding.

If you’re in love with a given siding’s look but need the strength of metal, you’re in luck. EDCO has such a range of products that nearly any taste can be satisfied.

EDCO Is Environmentally Friendly

The same certainly can’t be said for all metal siding companies! EDCO, however, places a strong emphasis as a company on being a good environmental steward.

A vast majority of what they make can be fully recycled, and they take great pains to ensure each part of their production process meets or exceeds applicable environmental regulations.

Don’t just have a siding contractor spruce up your home. Do the planet a favor and invest in EDCO! You’ll feel good knowing you’re doing the responsible thing.

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