What is Engineered Wood Siding?

picture of engineered wood siding.

While you might have heard of engineered wood flooring, you might not have heard of engineered wood siding. Indeed, a similar type of innovation that occurred in the flooring industry has also made its way into the siding world, and siding contractors everywhere are beginning to offer this product to homeowners.

If you’re looking to replace the siding on your home, you might, after scoping out different siding types, still be left with questions about engineered wood siding, especially as it relates to its traditional wood siding counterpart. Could it be a worthwhile investment for your home, both in terms of value and looks? Can it stand up to our harsh Minnesotan winters? What even is engineered wood siding, anyway?

Perfect Exteriors of Monticello is here to help. Below, we’ll give you straightforward answers to all your engineered wood siding questions.

Engineered Wood Siding: The Basics

As its name suggests, wood is indeed a component of engineered wood siding, but it’s not the only one. Unlike wood siding, engineered wood siding is made up of a combination of wood and other materials, such as resin, which gives it a hardiness and rot-resistance not found in more traditional makes. Aesthetically, it generally looks similar to solid wood siding, but due to its unique composition, it’s also more resistant to insect damage than its completely wooden counterpart.

In short, engineered wood siding gives you the look and feel of real wood without the vulnerability and high maintenance needs. It’s great for homeowners who love the idea of wood siding, but just don’t have time for the chore of maintaining it.

In what other areas does engineered wood siding excel?

  • Style and versatility | You’re not limited to just one shade or brand, especially when you work with Perfect Exteriors. All houses shine with the timeless look of wood siding, especially considering you have plenty of styles to choose from.
  • Strength | Because engineered wood siding is not entirely wood, it could be considered less vulnerable to moisture damage.
  • Ease of installation | Installing engineered wood siding is a cinch, which means your home will go from looking run-down to fabulous in no time flat.

Interested in Engineered Wood Siding? Perfect Exteriors is Here to Help

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