What Kinds of Siding Can be Painted?

Looking to give your home a fresh new manicure? ANd no, we’re not talking about those coveted “manicured” lawns—we’re talking about a fresh coat of paint! Indeed, many, but not all, types of siding can be painted, and provided nothing is structurally wrong with your siding, paint can be a great way to update your home’s exterior.

However, there are quite a few things to consider before painting one’s siding—namely if it can be painted in the first place. Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello siding installation contractor, has some tips and advice on the subject below.

What to Know Before Painting Any Siding

Before starting your collection of color samples, know this: painting a siding can affect your warranty coverage. For example, with Royal Building Products’ vinyl siding, it’s explicitly stated in the warranty that a paint job is not covered; if that paint begins to fade, chip, or even compromise the integrity of the siding, you will be responsible for replacing it on your own.

Make sure to read through your warranty before making any big coloring decisions. While some siding brands take a paint job well, others might not.

Secondly, consider if replacement is a smarter option. Many siding types are made with fade-resistant technology that will last for many years. If they’re starting to look a little dull, they could be getting up there in years and not doing a sufficient job protecting your home.

What Sidings Can be Painted?

Still set on a paint job? Here are a few siding types that may be decent candidates:

Wood Siding

When it comes to high maintenance, this siding type takes the cake. It actually needs to be painted every few years or else it will begin to deteriorate. As a siding contractor, we feel that that’s a little much for maintenance; we’d recommend replacement with a hardier, less needy siding type, like that from a fiber cement siding company.

Vinyl Siding (Technically)

Can you paint vinyl siding? Technically, the answer is yes. There are vinyl-safe paints out there that, when their directions are followed to the letter, can effectively change the color of your vinyl siding. But take it from a team of exterior siding contractors: you’d probably be better off with replacement. Like we said above, faded siding is most likely siding that isn’t doing its job, and no pretty coat of paint is going to change the fact that your home’s protective layer is most likely compromised.

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