Why Choose Mastic Vinyl Siding

Though vinyl siding may be one of the most popular siding choices out there, not all of it is created equal. Just like with any exterior product, there are variations in quality between brands, which can make it tricky for the discerning homeowner to find the perfect one for their project.

That, of course, is where the expertise of an exterior contractor comes in. Perfect Exteriors, Monticello vinyl siding contractors, is proud to work with and recommend Mastic siding for a variety of homeowners searching for the ideal vinyl siding brand—and below we’ll discuss exactly why.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Is as Versatile as Siding Comes

This vinyl siding company didn’t just design one line and call it a day. No, the brand has countless styles, shapes, functionalities, and colors, making it suitable for nearly any home, any climate, any family, and any architectural style. From laps to shakes to faux-wood clapboards, bold blues to sunshine yellows, you’re sure to find something that soothes your cosmetic concerns while also being practical.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Is Great for Sunny Climates

Anything left out in the sun is subject to fading thanks to its powerful UV rays, but Mastic siding has taken bold steps to combat the elements with its products. Thanks to its SolarDefense Reflective Technology, your new vinyl siding installation will be armored with three whole layers of protection against solar damage and fading.

But the benefits of such protection don’t just stop with your siding. Because these layers also disperse heat, your home will stay more comfortable in the blazing summer months that Minnesota is so well-known for. On top of that, you’ll also save on your energy bills. Talk about a great long-term investment!

Have Low-Maintenance Siding With the Look of Luxury

Mastic vinyl siding hardly ever requires care—no painting, no caulking, no treating it with kid gloves. Just scrub it down with gentle soap and water now and again and you’ll be good to go; check out Mastic’s parent company’s blog to discover how easy care is!

Mastic siding is available in a variety of looks that would otherwise be maintenance-heavy—wood and shake, for example. Since it’s made of worry-free vinyl, though, you have access to a whole bunch of styles that would otherwise be outside of your care capabilities.

Get Mastic Siding From Perfect Exteriors, Your Preferred Vinyl Siding Installers

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