Where to Check for Damage After a Summer Storm

Picture of damage after Minnesota storm.

Storm season in Minnesota is something that the conscientious homeowner inevitably comes to dread. That ever-present anxiety that crops up as the rains begin to fall and thunder roars—you might feel like a small child again, except now you’re afraid more for your home exterior than of the storm itself. While Minnesotan exterior contractors, like Perfect Exteriors MN, install all their upgrades with the weather’s wrath in mind, it will do good things for your anxieties to know what to check over after a storm rolls through your neighborhood. Having a post-severe-weather plan lends surety and a sense of calmness as it gives you a predictable course of action after the unpredictable.

Luckily, you’ve found the perfect people to help you with that plan; Perfect Exteriors MN, in addition to our talents as roofers and home exterior contractors, also have expertise in storm damage repairs. Below, we’ll provide a brief list of places that are susceptible to summer storm damage, as well as signs that that damage has occurred.

If You’ve Been Maintaining Your Home, There’s No Need to Worry

A brief caveat: if you’ve kept up with periodic maintenance, had your installation done by a reputable exterior home contractor, like Perfect Exteriors MN, and have invested in high-quality exterior materials, you’ve set your home up for severe-weather success. In other words, you have relatively little to worry about!

If you’re still stuck worrying about your home, make a pact to check the following areas after strong storms roll through:

  • Your roofing | Shingles thrown across your lawn or missing altogether are a strong sign that the wind has opened the door for a leaky roof. Pockmarked shingles after a hailstorm, while not quite as dire a problem, still deserve the attention of a professional roofer, as they’re an indication that the structural integrity of said shingles has been compromised.
  • Your siding | Similar to your roofing, your siding cannot protect your home if parts of it are strewn about the neighborhood. Strong winds can tear boards from their attachments, and the excessive moisture that comes with summer storms can pose a hazard to pure wood siding.
  • Your gutters | It’s a good idea to climb up once it’s safe and give your gutters a once-over, especially if you haven’t invested in gutter guards. Aside from tearing your gutters from their supports, a storm can stir up debris and deposit them inside, which sets the stage for breakages and inefficiency down the road.

Perfect Exteriors MN is Here to Help With Your Storm-Related Needs

Post-storm maintenance too extensive for you to handle on your own? No worries, we’re here to help. Give our Monticello office a call now at 763-271-8700.