Projects for a Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Property

Indoor comfort and energy efficiency are two of the top reasons homeowners spend money on home remodeling, and it only follows that you’d want the same for your commercial property. As one of the few Minnesota contractors with both residential and commercial roofing expertise, we share which projects will help improve your property’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Property

Cool Roofing

A cool roof works the same way as wearing light-colored clothing during a sunny day; it reflects solar heat and radiates already-absorbed heat. This reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the roof, which helps make the indoor spaces more comfortable. It also helps lower your monthly energy consumption by reducing indoor cooling requirements.

There are many commercial roofing options available with cool roofing properties at varying degrees. We offer metal roofing that combines durability and impact resistance with cool roofing properties.

Replacement Windows

If your commercial property still has single-panel windows, it may be freely conducting heat, allowing heat transfer to happen. Heat transfer causes heat loss during cold days and heat gain during hot days, which, like inefficient roofs, can lead to increased indoor heating and cooling requirements. Dual-panel replacement windows feature an airspace that eliminates contact between interior and exterior surfaces, which minimizes heat transfer, maximizes energy savings and improves indoor comfort and natural lighting.

Proper Insulation

For old commercial properties, chances are it may need to have its insulation professionally inspected. Proper insulation is another project that ties your new roof and windows together in one energy-efficient package. You can trust Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota to conduct a complete assessment of your property’s insulation requirements and ensure that your property will be less dependent on electricity for your indoor cooling and heating needs.

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