Window Replacement Does More than Improve Appearances

Home improvements that are visible from the exterior are often thought of as being cosmetic, but with new windows, the appearance is just one benefit. A bigger benefit is the increase in energy efficiency—and lower energy bill—replacement windows bring. Let us install new windows, so you can watch your energy bills drop!

How New Windows Lower Your Power Bills

There are several ways new windows result in lower energy costs.

  • Double-glazed windows are typically much more efficient than those with just one pane of glass.
  • Replacement windows are better at stopping drafts.
  • Window frames are often replaced at the same time as the rest of the window, eliminating drafts from this area.
  • Modern windows can be made with coatings that improve certain types of efficiency.

Old-fashioned windows typically only have one pane of glass. These “single-glazed” windows easily transmit heat and cold air, thereby allowing too much of the outside temperatures to leak in. Modern windows, on the other hand, are usually double-glazed, meaning they have two panes of glass in each section. This provides an insulative layer of air or another gas. Heat transfer is thereby greatly reduced.

Replacement windows, and the new frames that typically accompany them, are also better at stopping drafts. The sealing is intact and uses modern materials, and as you would expect, this is better than decades-old, cracked caulk. New frames also take care of any problems with rot or insect damage that may have befallen the old ones, further sealing leaky areas.

Window coatings are another development worthy of attention. They can be used to stop unwanted UV light, and the heat it brings, from entering a house. In cold-weather areas, the need for this is typically confined to rooms that get overly-hot in the summer. Other coatings of interest include tinting, which can add privacy to windows that face busy or populated areas.

New Windows Look Great, Too

Windows aren’t just about their functionality. New ones will make your home look better and more welcoming. This is not only good for those who want to sell their homes, but also improves energy efficiency if you intend to stay.

To learn more about modern window options or to get a quote for installation, contact us today! You can also request a free estimate here. We have plenty of energy-efficient options to explore.