Eliminate Annoying Gutter Leaks with New Seamless Gutters

Picture of aluminum rain gutter.

No gutters last forever, but their lifespan can be greatly extended if the most common cause of failure is eliminated. Even better, eliminating the most common failure point will also get rid of most of the maintenance that would otherwise have to be done. What is this failure point? The seams. Aging gutters often leak here first due to corrosion, weakening of the sealing material, and the relative weakness of the joints compared to the rest of the material. Therefore, at Perfect Exteriors, we offer seamless gutters, so these failure points do not exist.

  • Gutters often fail at the seams
  • Seams are weaker than the rest of the system
  • Seams are prone to corroding before everything else does
  • Eliminating the seams eliminates these problems and extends gutter life

How are Seamless Gutters Made?

Years ago, there was no way around having seams in gutters. The metal pieces had a maximum length, which forced them to have to be joined up in order to create a gutter system.

Now, metal fabrication technology has not only improved but become more portable. This makes it so that seamless gutter installation doesn’t require the use of long trucks or other impractical equipment. Instead, metal-forming machinery is brought right to your house by Perfect Exteriors, and the aluminum is pressed into shape on site. The machine just keeps working until the right length for a seamless installation is obtained.

What are the Advantages?

The lack of seams means that the weakest point in a gutter system is eliminated. There are no joints, which means no areas are more prone to corrosion than other parts. This also eliminates leaks from the failure of the attachment hardware present in seamed sections. The life of the gutter system is extended due to these technological advancements. You also won’t need to get repairs as frequently.

Seamless gutters are also smooth all the way along their length inside. This makes it so leaves and other debris are less likely to get hung up in the gutter instead of being washed down.

Do Seamless Gutters Ever Need Repair?

These gutters need far less work than the old-fashioned kind, but nothing is completely invincible. Storm damage, falling tree limbs, or driving over the downspout with a car or rider mower will still cause damage. However, most of these dangers can be minimized or eliminated with careful tree pruning and attentive driving. After many decades, the gutters will eventually wear out. However, they will last much longer thanks to the lack of seams that hold onto moisture and corrode.

To learn more about seamless gutter installation or gutter repair, contact us here at Perfect Exteriors. We’re in Monticello, Minnesota, and serve Maple Grove and surrounding areas.