New Windows Aren’t Just for Looks

Picture of newly installed windows.

Many people change out their home’s windows just to make the house look fresh, but this isn’t the only reason to do it. An even bigger reason is to gain the benefits of the efficiency provided by the modern windows offered by Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota. This will make you more comfortable and lower your energy bills.

The Energy Problem Caused by Old or Cheap Windows

Years ago, windows were made with single panes of glass. Now, only the cheapest options still use this construction. While a single pane of glass will keep the rain and snow out, it doesn’t do nearly as well with temperature or UV transmission. This causes a number of problems related to inefficiency.

Single-paned glass is less insulative than double- or triple-paned glass. This means your furnace and air conditioner would have to work harder to cool your home in the summer and to warm your home in the winter. 

Improve Efficiency with New Double-Glazed Windows

Double-paned windows have a layer of air or gas in between them, which serves as a form of insulation and prevents the easy transfer of your hot or cool air to the outdoors. Unlike the old “storm window” system of old, Perfect Exteriors’ windows have sealed panes that ensure the insulating effect remains intact. This makes modern double-glazed options great investments for saving energy and money, and for lowering your environmental footprint.

Modern windows are typically also treated to lower UV light transmission. You’ll notice the effect immediately when you replace windows on the sunny sides of your house. Reducing UV light exposure also helps to prevent fading of paint, furniture, and artwork inside your home.

Once you improve your windows, you’ll find it’s much more comfortable to sit near them. The increased exposure to natural light can improve your mood, make it easier to read, and generally make your home more pleasant.

To learn more about the benefits of modern double-glazed windows, or to schedule an appointment for a quote, just contact us here at Perfect Exteriors. We cover the Maple Grove, MN area and surrounding towns.