Get Your Damaged Gutters Fixed

Picture of Contractor installing plastic roof gutter.

When your gutters get damaged, you may be concerned that you’ll have to pay for an entirely new gutter system. Fortunately, many problems can be repaired, instead, saving you money and prolonging the life of the intact areas.

Storm Damage

This is one of the main types of damage that can affect one part of your gutter system while leaving the rest intact. High winds may rip the gutters off one side of your house, or a tree limb can crash through a section. In these cases, the main parts that get damaged are the fasteners holding the gutters onto the house. Parts of some gutters may be dented, as well, depending on the strength of the storm and the material the gutters are made from.

In these cases, gutter repair will start with installing new fasteners. If the gutters are dented, they can usually be bumped out, as well. Then, they can simply be re-hung and reconnected to the rest of the system to restore functionality.

Sometimes, one section of your gutters may indeed be destroyed by something like a falling tree limb. This is more likely if your gutters are vinyl or fiberglass, because this material tends to crack instead of bend. In that case, a new section can be put in while your other sections are left in place.

Downspout Damage

Typically, the part of the downspout that is attached to the house won’t ever get damaged. However, the section that runs along the ground is prone to being run over by riding mowers, cars, and other such things. When this happens, the downspout is typically crushed flat.

Repairing this damage is possible if the downspout is made of metal. It can be bent back into shape and reinstalled. And if a professional does the repair, it may not even show lasting signs of damage. However, materials that break or crack are better off replaced. While it may be possible to repair them with fiber resin, the cost of a new downspout end is typically low enough to make it worth it to just put on a fresh one.

Random Damage

Gutters are sometimes damaged by unexpected things, such as animals chewing them or kids trying to climb the downspouts. These issues are typically easy to fix by putting in new sections or by reattaching the loosened parts.

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