How to Avoid the Dreaded Flooded Basement in the Spring

The wind might be howling outside right now, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about spring—more specifically, the spring thaw! Indeed, countless Minnesotans are caught off-guard by this annual occurrence despite its regularity, and the outcome can be dire: a basement with water up to your ankles!

Be prepared this year and stay ahead of the spring thaw. Below, Perfect Exteriors, your preferred Monticello exterior contractors, explains exactly how to safeguard your home against it.

Keep Your Siding Well-Maintained

It doesn’t take a siding contractor to understand that water takes the path of least resistance—and that if that path happens to involve a crack in your siding, that you’re at risk for your basement flooding. While foundation cracks also put you at risk, you’d be surprised at how much water a smidge of damaged siding can let in.

Caulk might be able to fix any issues in the short-term, but at the end of the day, you really should have a siding company out to your property for regular storm damage inspections and repairs. Patching up holes and cracks doesn’t take away the fact that they exist, after all, and a pro can pinpoint potential problem areas before the situation becomes dire.

Don’t Forget Your Downspouts!

These parts of your gutters can easily fly off in a heavy storm or when snow puts additional strain on them, and they’re critical for preventing a flooded basement. Downspouts are the part of your gutter system that touches the ground; they funnel water away from your home so that it doesn’t soak right back through your siding and foundation. If they’re misplaced, you’re practically asking for trouble.

Storm damage pros will, of course, be able to better secure this fixture and even recommend additional fixes, should your gutter system not be functioning at its best.

Use Landscaping to Your Advantage

According to FEMA, leveling out or building up saggy areas near your foundation can save you a whole lot of trouble when it comes to flooding. You should also pay special attention to landscaping areas that are prone to puddling and take the appropriate steps. Concrete structures and asphalt, for example, readily shed water, which can mean that said water flows in detrimental ways.

Perfect Exteriors: Keep Your Home Perfectly Protected

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