Storm Damage and Insurance: The Basics

Has your roof been torn asunder by a strong winter storm? Are siding pieces strewn about your yard? While not all storm damage issues will be this drastic, these are two situations where homeowners insurance can come into play. Such insurance is not a legal requirement in Minnesota, according to The Hartford, but it still is required by a variety of lenders and can also help to cover unexpected disasters such as storm damage.

But homeowners insurance isn’t a hard-and-fast, all-encompassing force, and understanding its strengths and limits is paramount to using it responsibly. Below, Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello exterior contractors and storm damage experts, has the inside scoop.

The Purpose of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is part and parcel to owning property, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand! While all policies are personalized, the basic purpose of homeowners insurance is this: It provides financial reimbursement should something outside of your control happen that damages your home.

The keywords here are outside of your control. When filing a claim, your insurance company will generally go to great lengths to make sure that it wasn’t negligence that caused the damage. If, for example, your roof leaks in heavy rain and it results from your not keeping up with maintenance, you can’t file a claim for it after a storm and try to point to that as the cause.

What Type of Storm Damage Specifically Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Things outside of your control is a broad category, of course; what homeowners insurance covers is thus equally as broad. Siding and roofing are two commonly covered areas when it comes to storm or hail damage. However, you may not receive coverage if the cause of damage is related to an earthquake or a flood, according to Allstate.

It’s beneficial to sit down with an agent and go through your insurance policy before you encounter any storm damage that may require you to call on it. You can find the “holes” in your coverage and purchase additional policies that provide you with comprehensive protection.

I Want to Get my Storm Damage Fixed. Where Do I Start?

If you currently have homeowners insurance, this will begin with contacting your insurance company to make sure your storm damage is covered, or has the potential to be. You’ll then set about photographically documenting the damage and filling out the forms sent to you by your agent. For more info on this process, check out this article from The Zebra!

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