Three Home Upgrades That Can Cut Down Your Energy Spending

Saving money and saving the environment—there are multiple reasons why a homeowner might choose to invest in energy-savvy products. Not to mention that a variety of modern home upgrades don’t just save you cash, but they look great, too!

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, Perfect Exteriors, as your Monticello home exterior contractors of choice, is here to help. Below, you’ll find our top picks for exterior renovations that can cut down on your energy spending, just in time for the new year!

New Roofing

Quite a bit of warm air can escape through your roof. While insulation is a great way to make sure things stay comfortable, it won’t have much effect if the roof above it is in disrepair!

Certain roofing products are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than others. If your roof is aged or made out of products that don’t prioritize your energy usage, you’d be wise to invest in new shingles. Over time, the purchase can practically pay for itself.

New Siding

Over the years, siding companies have worked hard to fully understand their role in protecting the environment—and to create a product that helps you do the same. If your siding is on the old side of things, perhaps it’s time to invest in your building envelope and spruce it up with some new siding.

As with any product, though, siding runs the gamut when it comes to promoting energy efficiency. Not just any brand will do if this is your ultimate goal. Be sure to mention your energy-saving aspirations to your exterior home contractor so that they can guide you towards both a type and company that will help. To learn more about eco-conscious siding shopping, check out our blog “Shopping for Siding With the Environment in Mind.”

Finally Getting Around to That Storm Damage Repair

Okay, fine, it’s not an exterior update, per se—but it certainly will update your home’s energy efficiency, and for that reason it’s included here.

All exterior products, from cedar shake roofing to vinyl siding, are designed to function at their best under optimal repair conditions, and this is true in terms of energy retention, too. Siding cracks, roof leaks in heavy rain, and even window damage can all let cold air or allow insulation to dampen, which in turn compromises your home’s ability to use energy as well as it could. If your home’s energy efficiency has taken a nosedive, perhaps it’s time to give your exterior an update with storm damage repair.

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