What to Know Before Installing a Cedar Shake Roof

If you want your roofing to epitomize luxury, look no further than cedar shake shingles. This real-wood, real-gorgeous roofing type is sure to turn heads, and you’ll love how each shingle looks slightly different, making your home truly unique, even among others with wooden roofs.

That being said, cedar shake roofing is not a roofing type to be installed lightly. Though the same could be said about any sort of shingle, because of its organic nature cedar shake tends to behave differently from a majority of other roofing types, and it requires a certain type of care to keep looking its best. Below, Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello cedar shake roofing installation pros, details a few key things to know before redoing your roof in this way.

Cedar Shake Roofing Requires Maintenance

And so does every other roof on the planet, of course—but again, cedar shake, because of its real-wood composition, requires that of a certain type. Check out our exterior contractor blog “How to Take Care of a Cedar Shake Roof” for the full story!

One of the most significant maintenance tasks to stay on top of is moss removal. This hardy plant loves to take up residence on cedar shake roofs, especially in shady spots. While it may not be as detrimental as, say, mold would be, allowing moss to hang around promotes blotchy color fading—something that certainly can become quite an eyesore.

Cedar Shake Roofing Changes Color

No, not like a mood ring! We’re referring to how the shingles take on a soft gray hue as they age. This can be prevented to an extent with certain maintenance procedures and products, though the naturally weathered look is also coveted in certain architectural styles. In fact, other products are available to make them look as such!

Whether you allow your cedar shake roofing to change its hue, and how quickly it will do so, is a conversation you should have with your home exterior contractor before installation.

Cedar Is the Best Wooden Roofing Type

Any roofing company can wax poetic about the benefits of this roofing type; in fact, we do just that in our blog “Why Is Cedar the Go-To for Wooden Roofs?”. If you’re looking for that real-wood flair, go with a species that’s hardy, pest-resistant and strong against rot: cedar.

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