Why is Cedar the Go-To for Wooden Roofs?

Ask any hardwood flooring installer and they’ll say there’s a huge difference in performance between different types of woods—and any roofer will say the same. So much so is this true in the residential roofing services industry, in fact, that one wood roofing type has dominated the field: cedar shake.

Don’t know what that is? Check out our blog “What is Cedar Shake Roofing?” for more info on the subject. To discover why cedar shake roofing is practically the only wooden roofing installed these days, read on.

Cedar Stays Flat

Wood is organic, so it has a tendency to take on water and thus become misshapen. Though this issue can be avoided via weather protection products, it’s still a smart idea to reduce the likelihood of it happening in the first place via a smart wood choice!

Cedar is just that. Provided it’s properly cared for, it’s more hardy than fir and pine, meaning you’re unlikely to ever find your roof with its shingles all twisted out of shape, so long as you take care of it.

Cedar Is Gorgeous

Okay, all wood is pretty—we’ll give you that. But cedar stands above the rest. When first installed, it has a lovely, warm and tawny hue, but as the shingles mature, their tones become more multidimensional thanks to the natural weathering process. Indeed, they’ll soon become a lovely gray!

If that’s not for you, fret not; cedar takes up stain incredibly well, so you can continue to have the look you love for years.

On top of all of that, because cedar is so popular as a wood roofing type, exterior contractors offer tons of shingle shapes that might not be available in other materials, which can lend your home a unique and distinguished air.

Cedar Is Strong

Mother Nature makes some tough stuff! While all wood is flexible and durable, cedar is exceptionally so. It’s naturally unappealing to insects, resistant to rot, and can be treated to accentuate an already significant resistance to bad weather. If you’re looking for wood with a great all-around performance, cedar fits the bill.

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