What Causes Curly Roof Shingles?

Curly hair, curly fries—lots of good things can be curly, but certainly not roofing shingles! If your roof is currently dancing the twist, you probably are left cringing at it every time you walk out the door. But not only are curling shingles a eyesore; they can signal a huge problem with your roof that requires immediate attention.

Perfect Exteriors, your Monticello residential roofing suppliers, is here with everything you need to know about this roofing mishap: what causes it and how to stop it from happening again.

Problem One: Poor Installation

If you went the budget route with your roofer, curling shingles may become the bigger price.

When too few nails are used during installation, the edges of each shingle are left free to bend and contort as they please. Cheap nails can quickly degrade and cause the same problem, as can nails that are too short to secure shingles completely. Even shingle placement in relation to others has an effect on how well each one is able to lay flat!

The solution to this one: you’ll probably need a new roof sooner rather than later if the curling is a systematic problem rather than isolated.

Problem Two: Your Attic Is Too Hot

Yes, really! Though attics are an afterthought when it comes to many homeowners and roofing, they directly affect your shingles’ health. When heat builds up in your attic and can’t escape, thanks to improper insulation or ventilation, curling results as your shingles are cooked from the underside.

This one requires a two-pronged approach to make sure it doesn’t happen again. First, correct the underlying problem with the help of an experienced roofing company. They may unblock roofing vents or even put new ones in. Then, you’ll need to replace the offending shingles.

Problem Three: Moisture

Water where it shouldn’t be is one of the most destructive forces when it comes to your home; any exterior contractor will tell you so.

Indeed, if moisture works its way under your roof, be it during installation or through your attic, simply its presence can cause bubbling and curling. On top of that, if it affects your roof decking, mold is probably on the way, so whatever the cause of the problem, you need to have it addressed by an exterior home contractor STAT!

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