How to Pick the RIght Color Shingles for Your Home

Color: it can make or break an architectural style. As exterior contractors, we’d know! Though a home could be perfectly Tudor-esque or the spitting image of a quaint woodland cottage, neither of those looks would work without their trademark palates. Moreover, no homeowner wants to fall in love with a roofing type only to realize that it will clash with their siding installation!

As Monticello home exterior contractors, Perfect Exteriors is here to help you stay away from a few pitfalls when it comes to selecting shingle shade. Below, you’ll learn all about picking the perfect color for your new cedar shake or asphalt roofing job.

Notice Your Neighborhood

While not a be-all-end-all when it comes to roofing, what surrounding homes look like definitely should influence your final color decision, according to GAF, one of our favorite asphalt roofing brands. This is for a couple of reasons, one of which is your home’s potential resale value. If you’re planning to go on the market, even if it’s not in the near future, it behooves you to choose something that will please a future buyer—something that harmonizes with the rest of the neighborhood, in other words.

Similarly, local trends can also be driven by practicality, that’s beneficial to pay attention to. Light-colored shingles, for example, can reflect UV rays and lead to less expensive cooling costs in warmer areas.

Understand Color Variations

Sometimes, a shingle isn’t just one solid color; many brands today are experimenting with flecks and variations within a single unit. Though they might not be obvious at first glance, these speckles can make or break a roofing choice. If, for example, they’re paired with busy siding, your home could turn into a visually muddy mess.

Be sure to consider all the colors that a given shingle presents before settling. Don’t be afraid to slow down and really give it a good look.

Get the Help of a Pro

Though you may be tempted to select shingles on your own—it’s your home, after all—a professional roofer will be able to provide you with a working knowledge of what’s in vogue in the industry. They’ll also give you an educated opinion on potential roofing-siding matches. After all, they’ve probably seen and worked with more combinations than one can shake a stick at!

Perfect Exteriors: One Roofing Company, All Your Needs Covered

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