Shopping for Siding with the Environment in Mind

Picture of beige panel installation.

New siding is certainly a large-scale renovation! From the tools used to make the planks to the resources that go into those planks themselves, certainly, a lot goes into it. You might think, then, that there’s just no way to replace your siding while also respecting the environment. While you know sustainability and climate change are both important concerns, you may have resigned yourself to shopping for siding in taciturn guilt, believing that this is a renovation that simply requires too much to be considered environmentally friendly.

But you don’t need to feel shameful! While, indeed, there are ways to be wasteful when it comes to siding installation, there are also ways to be the opposite: to have a waste-not-want-not attitude that makes the planet proud. Read on to learn how to minimize your siding-related environmental impact brought to you by Perfect Exteriors, your preferred Monticello exterior contractors and siding contractors.

Holding Siding and the Environment at the Forefront Of Your Mind

First thing’s first: if you want your siding to be environmentally friendly, speak up to your contractor. Sustainability, as we stated above, is a valid concern, one that any home exterior contractor worth their salt will relate to. If that contractor doesn’t know you’re of the eco-conscious sort, though, they can’t psychically guess your priorities, so be as forthcoming as you need to be about your love for the planet to get both of you on the same page.

Additional ways you can respect the environment while shopping for siding include

  • Consider recycling your old stuff | Landfills can have devastating consequences on both our communities and our ecosystems. If you can, make sure your old siding doesn’t end up taking up real estate there and recycle it, if at all possible.
  • Ask questions about the siding brand you’re buying | Your money should go toward brands who share a healthy respect for the planet we all call home. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor about the companies they sell from—what they’ve done to help the environment, what sustainability initiatives they have for the future, etcetera. While it’s unreasonable for your home contractor to need to have every bit or brand history memorized, they should, at the very least, offer to find such information out for you.
  • Choosing a siding type you can feasibly take care of | This ensures that your new siding, which costs energy and resources to make, lasts you as long as it can, leaving the environment all the better as you won’t likely go through much of it in your lifetime.

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