Three Winterization Areas of Interest

Picture of winterizing a roof in Minnesota.

As fall rolls around and school starts up again, so too does winterization! While academics might look a little different for your kids this year, luckily, preparing your home’s exterior for colder temperatures and the presence of snow doesn’t. For many, it’s a much-needed constant in a world that, right now, seems upside-down.

If you’re new to Minnesota or are learning how to take care of a home for the first time, though, winterization can feel like it only adds to your life’s current chaos. With so many tasks and a decisive time limit on their completion, even getting organized can feel next to impossible, let alone starting to winterize!

Perfect Exteriors, Monticello home exterior contractors, is here to help. As asphalt roofers, siding contractors, storm contractors, and more, it’s our mission to help every homeowner keep their investment looking its best. Read on for a simplified approach to home winterization.

Take it From a Home Exterior Contractor: Don’t Try to Do It All At Once

We’re professionals in many areas, but we didn’t get to be this way due to poor organizational skills. In fact, we’ve perfected our planning over the years and learned to skillfully juggle all our fields of expertise. One approach we know is useful: breaking big tasks down into smaller tasks. This makes a previously daunting job—winterizing your home, in this case—much more digestible and much easier to complete. Plus, you’ll get a little mood boost each time you knock a subtask off your list!

While you can use this approach in any form that works for you, as exterior contractors, we recommend breaking winterizing your exterior down into (to begin with) the following categories:

  • Roofing | Trim back trees, declutter those gutters, and check that your attic insulation is fluffy and dry to prepare your roof for colder weather.
  • Siding | Replace any warped or missing boards now, before the wind has its way with them. You’ll be warmer and drier, and your home will be protected from the moisture damage winter precipitation can bring.
  • Home-specific winterization chores | For example, if you’ve recently suffered from a wayward fall storm, you’ll have tasks you’ll need to tackle before winter hits that other homeowners might not. Keeping a running list of these tasks can prove helpful.

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