Why Certifications Matter When Selecting a Home Exterior Contractor

Picture of roofing contractor.

Shopping for a home exterior contractor can sometimes be a confusing experience. Even though we at Perfect Exteriors are, of course, exterior contractors ourselves, we can certainly understand this! You’re hiring an exterior home contractor to do a job you know little to nothing about; how are you to pick one that does quality work if you have little idea what quality work looks like?

While perusing project galleries and the like is certainly important in your search, we’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re not the only way to spot a high-quality siding contractor, roofer, or even storm damage contractor. Certifications in the field you need service in also speak quite loudly when it comes to a contractor’s caliber. They’re a lot more than fancy titles! As contractors who have worked hard for the certifications we hold, Perfect Exteriors is here to explain why.

The Value of Hiring a Certified Contractor

Certifications, first and foremost, display a passion for the work at hand. By achieving a certification, a given contractor has demonstrated that they give a darn about the outcome of their time on the clock. After all, nobody would invest all that time into becoming certified in a given discipline if they didn’t care about what they were doing, and don’t you want a contractor who cares about their job?

Secondly, certifications also demonstrate that the contractor:

  • Is open to learning new ways of doing things | If a person already thought they knew everything, what value does a certification bring them? Certifications show that your potential contractor is open-minded, humble, and innovative, all qualities that give anyone an edge in practically any field.
  • Is formally trained in their work | Who do you want fixing up your home: Company A, who learned everything secondhand, or Company B, who has actually studied the task-at-hand from an official source? We don’t think we need to answer that one for you!
  • Is ready to listen | Knowing how to sit back and listen is a crucial skill for exterior contractors, and certification shows that, to some degree, they’re willing to do that instead of striving to constantly assert themselves. After all, they may know exterior contracting, but you know your home, tastes, and lifestyle. Of course, you won’t be a happy customer if your exterior contractor doesn’t listen to you when you try to account for these factors.

Contact Perfect Exteriors for Certified Exterior Contractors Near You

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