How to Choose an All-Around Exterior Contractor

If you’re looking to fix up the outside of your home, few things are more helpful than the services of a comprehensive exterior contractor. Because they can handle everything on your to-do list, there’s only one vetting process, one decision to make, and one company to work with—though, perhaps that makes that single decision all the more nerve-wracking!

Relax; Perfect Exteriors, your preferred Monticello home exterior contractor, is here to help. Below, you’ll find a few tips for selecting the perfect all-around exterior contractor for your needs.

Check Reviews

A while back on our exterior home contractor blog, we talked about the importance of reading through reviews when selecting any exterior contractor—and an all-around one is no exception. In fact, you should be even more thorough than you would otherwise. If you’re hiring a contractor for a single service, it’s only critical that they demonstrate proficiency in that service, while your current requirements need a wider breadth of expertise.

If they’re truly as versatile a contractor as they appear to be, scrolling through reviews shouldn’t take you too long; they should have many great customer experiences listed toward the top of the page.

Start the Search With Your Remodeling Criteria

Material, color, style—what is it that you’re looking for? While it’s reasonable to expect your exterior contractor to guide you in the right direction, knowing what you want ahead of time can streamline your search. You can easily eliminate contractors that don’t specialize in what you’re looking for.

You don’t need to know all of the specifics—IE, “I want vinyl siding in this exact shade of blush pink”—but knowing your general parameters will make your life a whole lot easier.

Look at Their Portfolio

Reviews can describe customer service capabilities, but if you want to see past projects for yourself, look no further than the contractor’s portfolio. This should show nearly every type of job that they consider themselves experts in; if you’re looking for versatility, they should show that they’re the fit for you.

If the categories are a bit difficult to discern, or the exterior contractor looks to have done many jobs on the same house, don’t hesitate to call if you like what they do.

Perfect Exteriors: All Around Craftsmanship for the Perfect Home

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