Are Metal Roofs Energy-Efficient?

Metal roofs have some wonderfully surprising characteristics, which are not necessarily obvious. They are environmentally-friendly. They last a very long time. They are made from sustainable raw materials because metals are completely recyclable. When installed properly, metal roofs are very energy-efficient.

Understanding Energy Efficiency for Metal Roofs

The key to getting the best energy ratings for metal roof installations is to work with a company like Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota that knows how to install metal roofs correctly. We have been installing roofs in the Twin Cities area since 2002. We know quite a bit about the severe winter weather and the hot summers in Minnesota.

To learn how metal roofs are made energy efficient, it is helpful to understand some terminology used like thermal performance and R-value for insulation. It is also important to know what is the best way to install a barrier against air and water. This barrier blocks air leaks. It also prevents moisture from entering the home or accumulating by condensation in places where it is not desired.

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of a metal roof is how well the roofing materials stand up to outside temperature differences, exposure to sunlight, and heat that radiates up from the interior of a home. A metal roof that is insulated properly may achieve an excellent thermal performance rating. It does not allow heat to escape from the interior of the home during winter. It does not allow cold to penetrate into the home either. When painted with reflective paint, this reduces any heat transfer from the outside caused exposure to sunlight. The metal roof serves as a heat barrier blocking out the hot outside temperature in summer.


The R-value for insulation is a measurement of how well the material resists conducting any heat. The R-value shows the thermal performance (also called resistance) for the insulation. It depends on the thickness, the type of material, and the density of its components. Higher R-values are better.

Air and Moisture Barrier

When sealed properly with no cracks, air and water cannot pass through solid metal. This makes metal roofs impenetrable if there is no way for water or air to get in or out. Additionally, it is important that there is no temperature difference on the inside of the home between the attic space and the roofing materials because this will cause moisture to collect from condensation. The attic needs to be sealed properly and insulated correctly with air and water barriers in place to block any airflow or moisture.


Metal roofs are wonderful when they are installed properly. It can be a disaster if the installation is done poorly. That is why it is so important to work with Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota in the Twin Cities area. We are metal roofing installers who really know how to install metal roofs correctly. Give us a call at 763-271-8700 or use our convenient request form to schedule a free estimate.