Working With Insurance When It’s Time For Home Repairs

Maybe you’ve seen those television commercials that show how accidents can happen and had a laugh about it. The teenager puts the car in reverse instead of drive and backs into the side of the house. Or a tree gets chopped down by a homeowner and accidentally falls on the house. These things may seem pretty funny until something like that actually happens to you or your home.

Hopefully, if bad things happen to you, there is insurance in place to cover it. Here’s what you can expect for Perfect Exteriors—your trusted, insurance-friendly home contractor. 

Making Repairs Correctly

At Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota, we work with our clients to make sure their insurance companies authorize the work needed to make the proper repairs. When a tree falls on the house, you may need a partial roof replacement to bring the roof back to a fully intact and well-functioning condition. It is not sufficient to make such repairs with a cheaper roof patch that will not hold up under the severe weather conditions we sometimes see in Minnesota.

How to Avoid Inferior Repair Work

Everybody knows that most insurance companies do not want to pay claims. When they do pay a claim, they may try to get away with paying as little as possible. They may even try to trick you into using their “approved” contract roofing services.

You need to be careful that the repairs are not made using inferior materials with poor installation methods. Don’t let them get away with that! Instead, let the professionals at Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota to give you a quote by calling us at 763-271-8700 or by filling out a service request form.

How We Work With Insurance Adjusters

Homeowners may not know what really needs to be done in order to make the proper repairs; however, we do. Our bids are never the lowest out there because an extremely low bid indicates cutting corners and/or using cheap materials to make the lowest job price possible.

Our bids are reasonable for the high-quality work you want. We are happy to provide a job quote that can be given to your insurance adjuster to get approval for making the repairs.

Our insurance work includes:

Contact Us Today

If you had a recent accident or storm damage, and you need our help right away, give us a call at 763-271-8700. Keep our telephone number handy just in case something comes up in the future.

Your insurance company may request three bids from different companies before approving a job that is covered by insurance. If you live in the Twin Cities area, make sure our bid is one of them. We will stand up for your rights to get the job done properly.