Tips for Choosing The Right Replacement Windows

Are you thinking about replacing the windows on your home? Did you know that you don’t have to simply replace one window with another that looks the same? In this age where many homes use their heat or air conditioning year round, it is less important to have every window able to be opened. You have the opportunity to install windows in each room that work best for your family, or simply provide that flood of bright sunlight. Let’s check out the most common types of windows on the market and how they will upgrade your home:

Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Double-hung windows are more traditional and found in most homes with two moving sashes—one over the other. Today’s models tilt in for easier cleaning. It is faster and easier to simply reorder the same size and style window since you won’t need to have additional framing work completed to replace them. Manufacturers build double-hung windows in a wide variety of standard sizes, so you will likely find ones that won’t cost extra for specialty sizes. This is a great option for homeowners that want to have the windows replaced quickly and without extra stress.

Here’s our breakdown of double-hung windows:

  • Most common
  • Available in many standard sizes
  • Easy to Clean
  • Maintains Traditional appearance of home

Casement Replacement Windows

Casement windows are single-pane windows that are mounted on top and bottom pivot points so that you can open or close them using a single crank. These are easier for physically challenged individuals to open and close. The screens are mounted on the inside and are easy to install and remove, which offers easier maintenance for the homeowner.

Casements can be ordered in many sizes and can replace a double-hung window with minimal framing work. Their biggest benefit is that even with the window cracked, they provide better ventilation with air flow being provided from the entire height of the window.

Here’s our breakdown of casement windows:

  • Easy-to-open cranks
  • Can be ordered to fit any opening
  • Easy-to-install interior screens
  • Excellent air flow

Fixed or Picture Windows

Have you ever considered that you never open most of the windows in your home? You can replace a double-hung or casement window with a fixed picture window and save considerably over installing another window with moving parts. A picture window maintains its insulation value much longer than a window that can be opened and closed, as the fixed window will not encounter the same wear and tear. Order a fixed window in almost any size or shape you desire.

Here’s our breakdown of picture windows:

  • No moving parts to wear out or break
  • Excellent insulation value
  • Available in unusual shapes for a contemporary look

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