Erasing Winter Damage with New Vinyl Siding

As the last blizzard leaves the Minnesota, you might be looking at your weather-worn home and thinking it’s time to add another layer of paint…again. There is another option that will leave the time-consuming chore of scraping, sanding, and painting as nothing more than a distant memory: vinyl siding. This versatile material can have your home looking as good as new in just a couple weeks, and you won’t be hiring anybody to touch it up in the future.

Speedy Installation Process

Many homeowners stop in their tracks when thinking about new siding for their home. They think it must take a month or two to have installed. However, this is not true for vinyl siding. Once the old siding is removed and your home is prepped, the lightweight, yet durable, siding goes up in just a few days. Our experienced installers are able to erase all the reminders of cracked and faded siding quickly and with little disturbance to your landscaping.

Pick Your Color

Unlike more traditional materials, vinyl siding can be ordered in your preferred color. In just one step, you get rid of your damaged siding and have it replaced with the new color in place. You hire one crew, not somebody to nail on the siding and another to paint, which once again, cuts down on your home improvement costs and timeline.

Perfect Exteriors also offers several vinyl products finished in textures that mimic traditional siding. Unless your neighbors come over and knock on your siding, they will never know the difference. Options are also available for siding with an extra layer of insulation built into the product, which translates into lower heating bills.

Fast Maintenance

What about next year after another brutal winter? What will your new vinyl siding need done for maintenance? Plug in your pressure washer and give it a good rinse. That is all. Your siding will resist fading, cracking, peeling, or warping. It will continue to look great for many more years down the road.

Would you like to learn more about vinyl siding and our complete line of products available at Perfect Exteriors? Give us a call at 763-271-8700 to schedule your in-home consultation and free estimate today. We look forward to helping you with your Spring home improvement projects.