Can You Replace a Roof By Yourself?

Can You Replace a Roof By Yourself?

Roof replacement is one of the most costly expenses that a homeowner will experience. For some, it may be a partial replacement; for others, it will be the entire thing. Because of the high cost of roof replacements, you may ask yourself, ‘Can I install a roof myself?’. 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) roof replacement is the kind of job that doesn’t seem like it should be impossible. However, there are many challenges, and it can even be dangerous to start the task yourself. Before you decide to replace a roof yourself, read further to find out what’s involved. It’s more worthwhile to hire an expert roofing contractor.

The Construction Skill Needed to Install a Roof Myself

Most importantly if you’re thinking ‘I’d like to install a roof by myself’ you should ask if you have the skills and tools necessary to complete the job. Roofing work is hard and laborious; there’s a reason why it’s expensive. A significant amount of that cost is labor. The price per square foot is between $1.50 and $3.00. You might think that by installing a roof myself, you’ll be saving on the cost of labor. To an extent, that may be true.

More likely, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with the number of materials and tools you’ll need to bring up to the roof by yourself or with a handful of friends or family who are unskilled at the daunting task ahead. Installing a roof by myself can quickly go from a fun DIY roof replacement job to a nightmare.

Many people think “I can lay shingles, so I can install a roof by myself.” Laying shingles and inspecting for rot and water damage are all time-consuming tasks that professionals know how to handle. You might feel like you can replace a roof all by yourself, but you can quickly become overwhelmed by the scope of the job, wasting time and exposing your home to the elements.

“I’m sure that I can tell whether or not I can install the roof by myself!” Maybe, but DIY roof replacement is often more challenging than you might think, and you might need to know if the roof needs to be replaced or if you can repair it. Assessing your roof’s quality is something that a qualified and licensed professional can help you achieve.

The Dangers Involved With Installing a Roof by Myself

“What sort of dangers are involved if I want to install a roof by myself?” This is just one of the questions you might ask yourself before beginning.

Not only is installing a roof by yourself a monumental and challenging task, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Many people think they can handle heights, but roofs are much higher than you expect. DIY roof replacement could find you in the unfortunate situation of finding that out on the job, which is dangerous.

“Would it really be that strenuous to install a roof by myself?” Yes. Roofing is a physically strenuous job, and it requires hauling a lot of tools and materials from the ground up to the top of a house. It might seem simple at first, but once you’ve been doing it all day long, you will become prone to accidents.

Another possibility with DIY roof replacement is that you could damage the structure of your home through a lack of knowledge, damage some other part of your property, or have one of your helpers injured.

At Perfect Exteriors, we have plenty of experience and we know how to handle all the dangers that can be present. We are also insured and certified to work on roofs. 

Can I Insure a Roof I Installed by Myself 

Whether or not you can insure a roof that you replaced yourself is questionable. Some people think, “I can install a roof by myself, why can’t I insure it?” But you would need to check with your homeowner’s insurance. But many of them require that you work with a certified contractor to ensure the roof is built correctly and won’t fail.

“I’m sure that I can convince them to insure a roof that I installed by myself.” Not so fast, You may also struggle to convince your homeowner’s insurance to pay for injuries you incurred while installing a roof by yourself. You’ll be able to rest easily and with a sound mind if you instead work with us to construct your roof.

Do You Need a Permit to Replace Your Own Roof

If you’re wondering, “Do I need a permit to replace my own roof?” the answer is probably. But again, this is a question that can vary depending on location. You would need to consult your local government to find the proper coding before you embark on the journey to “Install a roof by myself”..

If you decide to work with us, you won’t need to think “Do I need a permit to replace my own roof.” One of the benefits of working with  Perfect Exteriors is that we can help guide you through what you’ll need to get work done on your home. Rather than figure out by yourself if you need a permit to replace your own roof, leave it to the professionals.

DIY Roof Replacement: What Do You Need? 

“What kind of materials will I need so that I can install a roof by myself?” Well, that depends on the kind of roof you want to replace yourself. 

Metallic Roofing

“Can I install a metal roof by myself?” Metal roofing might be the ideal material for your home. It’s durable and can hold up in extreme weather. It’s also attractive, given the proper architecture.  However, metal is a weighty material that could become costly and cumbersome for you to move if you decide to install your own roof. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are popular across the country and have been used for years. They’re the go-to choice when someone thinks “Can I install a roof by myself.”. However, a roofing contractor can give you more details on what kind of asphalt shingle you can use and even offer you design advice regarding shingle shape and color.

Cedar Shake

“Can I install a cedar shake roof by myself?” Cedar shake has a timeless style that many homeowners enjoy, and you might have been eyeing it yourself when you were considering installing your own roof. But just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean that it’s going to be simple; by working with a certified installer, they can get you access to more quality materials than if you tried to install your roof yourself.

Installing a Roof by Myself, Can I Do It?

installing a roof by myself, can i do it?

“Can I install a roof by myself” may have brought you here, but hopefully, now you see what the scope of something like this would look like. Installing your own roof is a monumental task and should be done by a professional.

At Perfect Exteriors, we are proud to call ourselves a roofing professional company and will gladly help you with your installation. Contact us today to learn more.