Why Your Roof Only Leaks Sometimes

Why Your Roof Only Leaks Sometimes

There is nothing worse than a leaky roof. The slow drip, drip, drip of water hitting the floor can drive you crazy. And if you have only noticed that your roof leaks sometimes, this can be even more frustrating. “Why does my roof only leak sometimes?” you might think every time it happens.

There are several possible reasons that your roof may only leak on occasion. This circumstance can be even more frustrating because it is harder to identify the source and find a solution.

Keep reading to learn about the primary reasons why your roof may only leak sometimes and the potential solutions.

Why Does My Roof Only Leak Sometimes?

These are the most common reasons why your roof leaks on occasion.

Old Age Can Cause Roofs to Leak Sometimes

As your roof ages, the materials tend to break down over time and can cause cracks or openings that allow water to seep in. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may start to leak in certain areas more frequently. Old age impacts cedar shake roofing more than other types of roofing.

Horizontal Rain Can Cause Leaks

“My roof only leaks in heavy rain,” you might complain. Heavy rain or wind can cause water to seep through your roof’s horizontal joints. This type of leak is typically more challenging to identify and repair, so it is crucial to contact a roofing expert for help.

Storm Damage Can Cause Intermittent Leaks

If a storm has damaged your roof or another natural disaster, it may develop leaks in certain areas. Whether the damage is due to wind, hail, or debris, getting your roof inspected and repaired as quickly as possible is essential. In fact, wind driven rain roof leaks are one of the most common problems that homeowners face. 

Leaks resulting from storm damage can be some of the most frustrating to identify and fix. You may only notice a wind-driven rain roof when the wind blows in specific directions and at certain speeds. It is a good idea to look for broken or missing asphalt shingles if you think a storm is the cause of your intermittent leak.

Vent Pipes Can Also Cause Leaks

If your roof has vent pipes or chimney breaches, these can occasionally cause leaks. As a result, keeping all vents, pipes, chimneys, and other roof features in good repair is crucial. It would be best if you took particular care when winterizing your vents and chimneys.

Leaks From Skylights

Skylights are a great way to bring some additional light into your house. Unfortunately, it might be letting in more than just light. If you notice water coming in around your skylight, it may be time to call a roofing professional to inspect your roof and fix your intermittent leak.

Ridge Vents Can Be a Source of Leaks

Ridge vents are also a common culprit of roof leaks. This type of vent is designed to let heat escape from your attic, but it can also cause leaks if they are not installed properly or have become damaged over time.

Ridge vents can be particularly problematic because the leak might not be unknown until considerable damage has occurred. It is wise to check your crawl space regularly and see if there is any damage from a leaky ridge vent. This type of leak commonly happens near gutters.

Heavy Rain Causes Leaks

If your roof is not adequately ventilated, it may be more prone to leaking when exposed to heavy rain. To prevent this, you should ensure that your roof has a proper ventilation system.

The heavy rain can cause a temperature change on your roof. The exterior parts of the roof may be cooler than the interior. The temperature difference can cause the roof to expand and contract, and this might be why your roof only leaks in heavy rain.

What to Do to Solve Your Roof Leaking Sometimes?

If you are experiencing leaks on occasion, there are several steps that you can take to find and address the source of the problem.

Identify the Source

The first step is to inspect your roof for possible causes of the leaks. Vent pipes, skylights, and chimneys are all common sources of roof leaks that may only appear on occasion. Additionally, ridge vents can become damaged or dislodged over time and may cause leaks. Wind driven rain roof leaks are also common, so check if there were heavy winds recently.

Contact a Roofing Expert

Once you have identified the source of the leak, the next step is to contact a roofing expert. It may be tempting to try and solve the problem on your own. However, intermittent leaks are complicated to fix because the problem is often not straightforward.

A professional roofer will be able to identify the source of your leak and provide you with a solution that keeps your roof fully functional and prevents future issues.

Next Steps for Addressing Your Leaky Roof 

Next Steps for Addressing Your Leaky Roof

If you are still asking yourself: “why does my roof only leak sometimes,” this article can help you solve this challenge. It might be from several different sources. Go through our list above to try to find out the root cause.
A roofing expert can help you identify a solution to the fact that your roof leaks sometimes. Whether it is a repair to your vent pipes, skylights, chimneys, or ridge vents, the right solution can help keep your roof fully functional.

So don’t delay – contact Perfect Exteriors today to protect your home from ongoing damage and ensure the longevity of your roof.