How to Keep Your Home Mold-Free

Mold does a lot more than take over the forgotten produce on the counter. Left unchecked to grow in your home’s walls or other hard-to-reach areas, colonies can cause severe respiratory distress that’s almost impossible to fix for good without the help of a remediation team.

Fortunately, in this case, prevention is the best medicine. Perfect Exteriors, your trusted Monticello exterior home contractor, is here with the lowdown on how to stop fungi in its tracks.

Your Building’s Envelope: Its Number-One Defense Against Mold

It’s a term frequently used in commercial construction, but it also has residential applications: building envelope.

Simply put, it’s the impermeable barrier that’s formed by your walls, roof, windows, and foundation that maintains your interior environment at “room temperature.” All homes have one, but not all of them function at their best.

When your envelope is working as it should, it keeps out heat, moisture, and humidity—three things that mold craves. When it’s not, it doesn’t. Aside from making your home uncomfortable, it sets the stage for an infestation.

Maintain Your Building’s Envelope and Keep Mold Out

Quite a bit of a building’s envelope is worked into its design and cannot be easily changed. However, there are quite a few parts of it that you do have control over, and maintaining those parts to ensure their moisture-tightness is paramount to preventing mold growth.

Stop Your Roof From Leaking

Have you suffered hail damage or storm damage as of late? While your roof could have sustained only exterior dents, it never hurts to have a storm damage contractor out to check if your building’s moisture barrier has been breached. Winds and rain can be nastier than you think!

Keep Up With Siding Maintenance

Selecting weather-appropriate siding is a big part of making sure your interior stays temperate and dry, hampering fungi growth—any siding company worth their salt will tell you similarly. However, it’s also important to make sure your siding has the care it needs to shine as the home-protector it was meant to be. Check in with your home exterior contractor today to see if you’ve been minding your exterior as you should!

Perfect Exteriors: Here to Make Your Home Reflect Our Name

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