Six Benefits of Metal Roofing for Minnesota Homeowners

Picture of metal roofing.

They’re loud! They’re too industrial-looking! They’re too expensive! If you’re looking into metal roofing, these are probably a few things that you’ve heard as potential deterrents. Perhaps it’s even steered you far, far away from meal roofing towards more conventional options like asphalt roofs or the like.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asphalt roofing (we’re actually GAF-certified asphalt roofers ourselves!) we don’t think metal roofing should be shortchanged based on a few assumptions or stereotypes. In fact, our team of roofers and exterior contractors love this roofing type for a variety of reasons! Below, we’ll dive into these reasons and help you discover if metal roofing is right for you.

Why Invest in Metal Roofing?

Simply put: it’s tough. Through hailstorms, wayward tree branches, and water, these roofs remain strong. Due to their inorganic nature, they’re also unattractive to insects and mold, meaning you’ve got one less thing to worry about when it comes to exterior maintenance. Thirdly, they’re low-maintenance. It requires little more than periodic inspection and perhaps a washing to keep looking and performing at its best.

But all that doesn’t get rid of all of the “drawbacks” mentioned in the opening paragraph—so let us do that for you.

  • Metal roofs are just as quiet as any other roofing type. Loudness happens when the roofing contractor cuts corners during the installation job, something that we at Perfect Exteriors would never dream of doing. Plus, most contemporary metal roofing installations include some sort of noise-reducing barrier, so you can enjoy all the benefits of this tough roofing type without the acoustic drawbacks.
  • Metal roofs have a variety of appearances. Get rid of that pole-barn-esque image you probably have in your head right now. That doesn’t need to be your metal roof! Modern innovation and market demand have led to sleeker, more appealing residential models that look at home in nearly any neighborhood.
  • Metal roofs are an awesome long-term investment. While you may pay a little more up-front, that will be more than worth your while. Because metal roofs are so physically tough and nearly impervious to insect and mold damage, you’ll save plenty on repair costs.

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