The Best Metal Roofing Materials You Should Look At Now

In roofing, metal is more than just a material. It’s an entire category of materials. It represents a breed of options with unique qualities. Today, Perfect Exteriors of Minnesota gladly discusses the best metal roofing choices for homes:

Best Metal Roofing Materials


One of the most widely used building materials in history, generations of roofers have favored steel for its sheer sturdiness. To make it more resistant to rust, manufacturers coat it with zinc to combat corrosion. This is the reason modern steel roofing products require little care. Easy to fabricate in different profiles, this alloy is available not just in smooth panels, but also in slate- and wood shake–like dimensions.


Copper is considered the premium choice. It shares the durability of most metal roofing options, but striking and ageless beauty is its biggest claim to fame. It doesn’t rust and contains no finish to peel or scratch. It weathers gracefully, too, becoming lovelier with time and exposure to the elements.


Aluminum is the lightest metal roofing option, making installation relatively easy and eliminating labor-intensive structural adjustments for support. It has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among common metals. It doesn’t rust and lends itself to different coating solutions used in steel for aesthetics.

Stone-Coated Metal

Stone-coated metal roofing solutions are made from steel or other metals covered with stone chips. The design aims to enhance durability and increase aesthetic versatility. For only a fraction of the cost of slate and clay tiles, stone-coated metal is an excellent alternative to traditional roofing materials.

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