Picking a Siding that Suits Your Style

Picture of clapboard siding.

At Perfect Exteriors, we specialize in bringing the right siding to the right customers at the right time. For example, a big part of that process is assessing the customer’s lifestyle and determining a material that will fit it. While all of the siding types we carry come from quality brands, due to inherent characteristics, they vary in maintenance requirements, price, and ease of installation. A siding type that may work perfectly fine for a given family might completely fail another, simply because the latter failed to account for its maintenance requirements.

Yes, there’s quite a bit we’ll help you to consider when you’re a customer of ours—including style! Aesthetics are another important part of matching siding to customers; just take it from a siding company and team of siding contractors. After all, you don’t want to invest your money in siding that makes you cringe every time you pull in the driveway.

Do you want to get a head start on this process? We’ll discuss below how to look at your potential siding through a stylistic lens.

Siding is Now More Aesthetically Versatile than Ever

Are you in love with pure wood siding but hate the maintenance requirements and vulnerability to mold? Don’t worry; other siding types, such as vinyl siding, can be made to mimic the same natural look while circumnavigating the problems that true wood brings with it. When it comes to siding, it’s not always the case that a certain appearance is limited to a certain type. Ask your exterior siding contractor about your options!

When you find the right option, you’ll know. You’ll have found a style that:

  • Says something about you and your family | Are you the happy picture of conventionality, or do you like to run a little wild? Your siding is the first impression other people get of your family—in some cases before they have even met you! Your perfect siding will send the right message about the occupants of your home, whoever those occupants may be.
  • Doesn’t sacrifice functionality | Looks are important, but never sacrifice functionality for them, as you’ll lose money in the long run. Search for a siding that comes with durability and style.
  • Fits within any HOA regulations | Some neighborhoods have rules about siding, so your ideal look will fit in with the rest of your neighbors in this case. There’s no sense in arguing with the board and getting yourself fined.

Contact Perfect Exteriors for Top-Quality Siding Help

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