Why Choose Engineered Wood over Real Wood Siding?

Picture of wood siding.

Used as siding, wood has kept homes safe and warm for centuries. Surely it works now, in today’s hectic and modern climate, right? Well, not quite. Wood siding comes with many shortcomings that make it a poor fit for some homeowners and downright financially inaccessible for others. Strangely, though, its look hasn’t gone out of style, and many new siding types have sought to emulate it. Enter engineered wood siding, the star product of siding companies and exterior contractors everywhere. By combining natural wood with a composite, it overcomes many of the hurdles that cause real wood siding to stumble while keeping a timelessly gorgeous look.

Perfect Exteriors, a Monticello team of siding contractors, discusses what engineered wood siding does better than its real wood competition.

Take it from Siding Contractors: Engineered Wood is Engineered for Quality

Engineered wood siding, as stated above, is only partially composed of wood—typically of wood strips, to be exact. The rest of a given piece of engineered wood siding is made of resin. Additional treatments are used to protect the real-wood parts of it from bugs and mold. It’s a siding type that marries human innovation to the strength and beauty of real wood, resulting in a product that:

  • Is less likely to warp than wood siding | Wood siding is liable to bend under extreme weather conditions. For example, it requires constant attention so that it does not become damaged under moist conditions. In contrast, engineered wood siding, due to its partially synthetic composition, is much more worry-free.
  • Is more affordable than wood siding | From flooring to siding, it’s no secret that real wood is expensive. It’s quite a process to go from sapling to finished piece, after all! Engineered wood siding circumnavigates affordability problems as it’s only partially composed of wood, making it a more economical choice than its competition.
  • Is more resistant to environmental problems than wood siding | Termites and fungus both love the organic nature of real wood siding. You must be on the constant lookout for pests with this pricey siding type! Luckily, engineered wood siding is naturally much tougher against these problematic presences, as, again, it’s only partially made out of the things mold and bugs attack. Plus, as we said before, it’s often specially treated to protect against them.

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