Choosing the Right Brand of Shingles for Your New Roof

Picture of grey shingles.

Are you a label die-hard or an off-brand aficionado? Regardless, if you’re looking into new shingles for your new roof, it pays to find a brand that fits you. Company names count in this industry. For example, while every type of shingles shares certain common characteristics (such as their composition), the way in which they’re made can vary greatly, which results in a superior or inferior product. Plus, one brand of roofing, through no fault of its own, might work wonderfully for one family due to its inherent characteristics, but flop miserably for the next. Your roof is an investment in your home’s value and longevity; picking the right brand is essential!

How to go about this, though? Choosing a brand of anything can be tricky. Every company is preoccupied with boosting its own image. When every brand claims to be the best for you, how can you find out the truth?

With the help of the experienced roofers and exterior contractors at Perfect Exteriors, of course! Below, we’ll show you how to dig deeper into the world of roofing brands to discover what brand of roofing shingles is the right fit for your family.

What Questions to Ask The Brand in Question

A brief word of advice: decide what kind of roof you’re looking for—asphalt roofing, cedar shake roofing, etcetera—before you look at brands. This greatly narrows down your options and makes the process feel a whole lot less overwhelming. Once you’ve done that, you can get to the bottom of any brand’s character by answering the following questions:

  • How long has the brand been around? | While new and innovative companies certainly bring something to the table, roofing made by tried-and-true industry professionals is generally a solid choice. When a company has a history of great products, you can better trust that you’ll be getting shingles of a similar caliber.
  • What sets the brand apart from its competition? | Is it a history of quality? Affordability? Current popularity? Its drive to do good? Discover what makes the roofing brand in question unique, and you’ll be better able to pick one that aligns with your maintenance requirements, lifestyle, and values.
  • How committed to customer service is the brand? | Of course, in your situation, a customer-focused home exterior contractor is probably more important! However, brands that are devoted to serving their clients probably will give you a better product. Quality and concern for clientele go hand-in-hand, after all.

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What we aspire to bring you is right in our names! Plus, with our variety of roofing brands available, you’re sure to find something you like with us. Give our Monticello office a call now at 763-271-8700.