A Crash Course in Window Types

Picture of exterior contractor installing a window.

There certainly is quite a bit to think about when you’re ordering replacement windows. No doubt, you want to make the smartest choice for your home’s needs from an economic standpoint. No matter how much money you have available to spend, you want your new windows to be worth it! For you to want new windows, too, there usually is a reason your old ones are failing you. For example, a faulty installation job is hiking up your energy bills, and you want a window type that will succeed where your current ones have failed. Finally, you also want a window type that will fit with your home’s aesthetic and vibe, both when it comes to its interior and exterior.

All of this means that picking a new window type or deciding if you’ll stay with the same one, can be extremely confusing, especially because it’s hard to research such a niche industry as windows and window replacement. Luckily, Perfect Exteriors of Monticello is here to help. Below, we present a primer on a few of the basic window types, so as to better help our customers make the right choice for their homes.

Windows: Not as Straightforward as they Seem

A brief internet search will reveal that window replacement contractors sell their wares in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Though the following list of replacement windows is by no means exhaustive, a few common replacement window types are:

  • Double hung replacement windows | Perfect for homes with ventilation problems, these windows feature two moving parts that can be opened to let air flow through the room.
  • Replacement slider windows | Sliding or slider windows are those that open sideways, much like a sliding glass door, as opposed to up or out. For example, they’re a great option if you need to install a window that looks out onto your porch, as they don’t interfere with walking space.
  • Bay and bow replacement windows | These aren’t so much a window type as it is a style. They’re generally much larger and more grand-looking than the other two window categories we’ve mentioned thus far. That being said, structurally, both bay and bow windows can resemble double hung, casement, and picture windows. Think of “bow” or “bay” as more of an aesthetic description rather than a functional one.
  • Casement replacement windows | Often considered a classical style, casement windows open left or right, usually, but not always, via the use of a hand crank.
  • Picture replacement windows | While these windows don’t open, their large panes of unobstructed glass are perfect for homes with beautiful views.

Can’t Decide What Window Type is Right for You? Perfect Exteriors is Here to Help

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