Why Purchase Metal Roofing?

Picture of contractor working on a roof.

Are you looking to replace your roof? You’re in the right place. Perfect Exteriors is your preferred Twin Cities team of roofers and exterior contractors. Your satisfaction is our success, and we know that, no matter what kind of roofing you select from us, you’ll walk away beyond satisfied. We have countless types available—from cedar shake roofing to asphalt roofing to even metal roofing!

Wait. Metal? On your roof? Wouldn’t that be far too heavy to even be feasible? Well, not quite! Metal roofs are surprisingly lightweight, considering their composition, but that isn’t their only characteristic. They’re durable, long-lasting, and just as tough as what they’re made of.

Thinking about adding a metal roof to your home? We talk a little more about this roofing type below.

Metal Roofing: Fusing Style and Functionality

Metal roofing is a great roofing choice for a variety of homeowners and for equally as many climates due to its hardy and low-maintenance nature. Contrary to popular belief, too, these roofs also come in a great number of styles. Metal brings strength and beauty together to create one of the most long-lasting and timeless roofing materials out there.

You should consider this roofing type if you’re looking for a roof that:

  • Is resistant to countless environmental hazards. From rot to termites to the wayward tree branch flung skyward by a storm, metal roofs can resist it all. When installed by a reputable metal roofing installer, your new metal roof can look amazing for decades after its initial construction. If you’re not planning to move out of your home anytime soon, metal roofing can be a wise investment.
  • Easily sheds snow. A metal roof, due to the way its parts fit together, is a particularly difficult surface for snow to stick to. It also warms rather quickly, meaning the snow that does stick is more likely to melt. Your roof can look bold and sharp, even in the middle of the winter. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!
  • Is relatively energy efficient. Metal roofing lets the sun’s warmth bounce off it, meaning that your home stays cooler during our boiling Midwestern summers. Both the environment and your pocketbook can benefit from this roofing type.

Only Hire the Best Metal Roofing Installers: Perfect Exteriors

There’s no hiding it: metal roofing is an investment. Do that investment justice and hire Perfect Exteriors of the Twin Cities for all of your roofing company needs. Give us a call now at 763-271-8700.